A project management assessment identifies areas of strength and expertise, considers potential weaknesses and highlights opportunities for investment within your organization or team. 

This allows you to improve your portfolio, programme and project management.

Projects management assessment services include:

• An objective view of an organization’s current capacity to deliver projects

• A tool to understand the key practices for effective project management processes

• A plan to improve project success rates


It adopts practical four-step approach:

1. Meet with key stakeholders to determine the scope of the assessment and develop an assessment plan

2. Review current standards and processes

3. Meet with key stakeholders and deliver workshops to make agreed improvements

4. Produce final assessment report, including the high-level plan for improvements


• Highly skilled professionals from a range of backgrounds

• Certified programme and project management consultants and

certified management consultants on request

• Global roster of experts providing on-call support

• Experience working in challenging environments

• Local knowledge and global thinking

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